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Watchmen 2 – Trailer description

- I don't know who made this image, but, holy shit, thanks for making it, it's awesome!

Hello my dear fellas, as you can see this is my first english post (I don't know HOW MANY of them I'll make, but, one is always the number we start!!! Hooray Captain Obvious!!!), and I had to say that what I bring to you is one of the most hidden secrets of Hollywoodland. A trailer for Watchmen 2. YEs, some executives of Warner made a secret trailler for a sequence of the movie, IF the first one made well on the theaters. As some actors said they had contracts to made ANOTHER MOVIES (who are supposed to be prequels or spin-offs), but Snyder jumped of any kind of sequence made for this movie, they had to improvise while the first one was being played. And then the project was sent to the Phantom Zone until someday they desire to made it.

I guess they made a kind of silent pact, the ones who worked for this, but, a friend of mine who worksfor you-know-who-if-you-don't-know-is-better-keep-that-way discovered it and then sent to me. I trully wanted to put this shit on the youtube or something like that, but to be honest with you all, I don't know yet who to rip of a Blu-Ray disk (DON'T ASK ME WHY HE SENT ON BLU-RAY!!!) , and don't trust NO ONE to make this for me, I decided to describe the ENTIRE SECRET TRAILER here. Bedides I know a little about copyright directs and that spy stuff and I don't want to go to the jail or have my PCs kicked and cracked like what happened with the guys who released the unfinished Wolverine movie in the Internet.



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Watchmen 2

After the advertisement messages, the trailer begins with a close at Veidt’s face.

Fade to Black, emerges a text:
The ambitions of Veidt went way too far…

(A loud and grave tone sound, while the screen still black).

The images shows a lots of souvenirs of Hollis Mason, old Minutemen toys, the cover of Under the Hood and “The Murder of a Hooded Hero by Daniel Dreiberg” (should be a book that Dan made about the death of Hollis Mason), as so a DVD of the Black Freighter.

Voice over of a Man:
"When we agreed with him... we'd expected he did all that for the world..."

Voice over of a Woman:
"We didn't expect... this..."

The image turns showing a room, until we see two old people sit in a couch, almost on their 60 years, watching a giant Plasma TV. They are Nite Owl 2 and Silk Spectre 2/Leather Jacket! Then they look each other with fear...

In the TV we see an old (but not appearing THAT OLD, with a face with no Crow feet or this kinds o f things) Adrian Veidt. The subtitle says only: "Adrian Veidt for President".

Changes to the image of Veidt’s speech:

"We are..."

Now the image changes (while Veidt talks), to some fight scenes of thugs against a strange man dressed like Rorschach, but fighting with a mix style of Rorschach and Silk Spectre.

Veidt (voice over):
"for right and direct..."

A Image of many mutant animals walking over a giant Field in the heart of the Artic.

Veidt (voice over)
"the true Watchmen form the freedom"

The Image turns again to the Olds Dan and Laurie...

What do you think we should do about him?

"What could we do? He’s already taken his decision"...

Came back to the Rorschach figure, spanking a last bandit… The cam stays in him, down, some feet above his head, floats the Owlship…

Various images of Adrian Veidt on the TV.

Reporter Narration:
"And the CEO of the Veidt companies the greatest companies in the world has entered for the presidential run. Is expected that he win with 75% of advantage.."

Close at the New Rorschach’s face...

Rorschach 2:
"Who killed Hector Goddfrey..."

Now moves to an image of the Olds Dan and Laurie, next to that new Rorschach... Who take off the masks and say...

Roscharch 2:

The scene comes back to Veidt: He’s at Karnak base, watching multiple screens forming a giant screen iMax sized…

"Hmmmm If I create a secret Manhattan..."

(The music comes to an epic tone)

The images changes again, showing a beauty woman spanking some cops, and then Rorschach 2 appears next her:

"Who are you?"

Mysterious Woman:
"Who the hell you think I am Spotty? I am Leather Jacket 2!!!"

The scenes changes to a complete different New York, a more Hi-tech one. We see the name as NEO York, a city that had been rebuild after the Manhattan attack.

Then it changes again to Laurie arguing with Dan alone...

"Why did you tell so many histories of you and Rorschach? He... always wanted to be your partner... Oh my little Edward..."
Now showing the old Daniel shouting to the soon, who only makes a cynic face.

"Where the hell you found this Mask?"

Ed/Rorschach 2:

And then a great number of mixed images appears one after another. Fight scenes of Rorschach, images of the Black Freighter and the Watchmen game, more scenes from the first movie…

Then the screen turns black

From the Visionary Director...

Changes to an Image of Veidt, now old, entering in a chamber for the Intrinsic Field Generator (the same as Jon Osterman entered), then black again:

Narration: :

Some floating cars cut the sky of Neo York, then appear an image of Burgers N' Borsch... So it changes to Laurie...

"We have to bring Jon back!!!"

More old scenes of Nite Owl 2 and Rorschach, in the sixties, arresting Big Figure...

With scripts of the Ultimate Comic Book Writer Jeph Loeb, and concept arts of master Rob Liefield…

Now turns to some images of Veidt on the TV, as in a presidential run campaign.

"I'll candidate myself as the first president of the World. ONE WORLD, ONE DEAL, ONE PRESIDENT!!!"

Black again…

Brings to you... in this summer, the most astonishing sequence ever made…

The scenes are changing quick, but we can see flashes of many wire-fights, flights with Archie. Sex scenes with Rorschach and Leather Jacket 2, A Nixon’s Head, alive in one bottle... Some painted walls written “Who watched the watchmen”, many scenes of Veidt in a kind of Egyptian Harem with many strong and semi-nude guys. Fight, madness, masks, super-hero vintage stuff…

Fade in black…

Watchmen 2... Who still watch them???

Then, the music becomes quieter and quieter… So we see an image of Earth... than a zoom out and we see a martin landscape, so as a giant glass castle, then the backs of a red haired man in a coat, watching the world…


Fade in black once again...

The logo appears...

WATCHMEN 2 - 2012...

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